Queen City Theatre Company is a non-profit organization that exists to theatrically explore the human experience.

QCTC wishes to present theatre that celebrates the many different races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations that exist in both Charlotte, NC
and the world.

QCTC will strive to create theatre that not only entertains but enriches, educates and challenges our audience.

Christy Chambers
Robert Dogens
Laura Goodson
Paul Goodson
William Larsen
Scott Lindsley
Andrea Long
Johnnie Willis
Jennifer Quigley
Amanda Liles

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Artistic Director
Founder member of QCTC

Managing Director
Founder member of QCTC

EMILY EUDY - Technical Director (Since 2010)

ALYSON LOWE - Resident Choreographer (Since 2009)

AMANDA LILES - Resident Stage Manager (Since 2009)

ALFIE B. GRIFFIN - Resident Costume Designer (Since 2008)

QCTC is a volunteer based organization and we would like to thank all of the amazing and talented individuals that volunteer their time throughout our season to make our shows a success! Thanks!
QCTC recognizes the following individuals for their outstanding contributions on and off stage and for being an important part of the Queen City Theatre Company's family!

QCTC's Hall of fame is updated quaterly and many factors are taken into consideration including overall involvement with the company and impact of your contribution.

Thanks and congratulations to all of you!

Jennifer Quigley - Actor/Board Member
Christi Basa Chambers - Actor/Board Member
Hank West - Actor
Jennifer Grant - Actor
Jennifer Quigley - Actor/Board Member
Matt Kenyon - Actor/Costume Designer
Alyson Lowe - Actor/Choreographer
Marty Gregory - Musical Director
Steven Martin - Actor
Jes Dugger - Actor
Jorja Ursin - Actor
Heidy De Blum - Actor/Choreographer
Amanda Liles - Actor/Stage Manager
Polly Adkins - Actor
Greg Lisi - Band Member
Don Jaeger - Band Member
Jeremy DeCarlos - Band Member
Whitney Drury - Actor
Robbie Jaeger - Actor/Choreographer
Karen Kristensen - Actor